My Manifesto

I wrote the initial version of this document in the beginning of September 2019 to describe what kind of envirnoment I need in order to be at my best, the kind of topcis I would like to work on and what drives me. This helped my to gain more clarity for myself but equally importantly this manifesto was a great springboard into conversations with others about who I am and what I need. I am posting this here because I hope that this can help others and inspire more people to come clear with what they’re all about. I have the feeling that this piece of writing will evolve in the months to come, this is a snapshot, so bear with me.

In order to be at my best, I need freedom and space to create, to think out loud, to test and experiment together with others. I need to feel trusted and enabled even though I might be different.

Some of my beliefs and convictions are:

  • Give trust upfront and assume that people are self-driven and able make good decisions together
  • Once we have agreed on an objective, we can leave the “how to get there” to the subject matter experts and tolerate other ways than our own preferred route of getting there
  • Just try it and evolve – accept that “first time right” is not possible in a world where things constantly evolve. That’s why you start with a minimal viable product or a small use case and then evolve from there rather than taking months or years to try and create something that is perfect on the first attempt
  • Create an environment that inspires and enables people to learn and evolve the organization

I want to work in an environment where my beliefs overlap with the organization’s and leadership’s beliefs.

My life mission is to enable positive change in the world. I am great at inspiring people, working with and within teams and helping organizations and individuals to grow and learn. I am intrigued by what makes people and organizations tick and how we can use this knowledge to create a positive impact on people and the ecosystem we operate in.

I believe that in the years to come, companies will be differentiated by the “why” and the “how” more so than by the “what”. Your operating system as a company will be at least as valuable as the research pipeline so we need to invest in it now. It’s about being firmly rooted in a purpose while being nimble at the same time; embrace and shape the change that is happening around us. And for this you need talented, diverse and empowered teams. Capable people will more and more only choose companies that they identify with and that give them freedom to operate. Careers will look different, the relationship between people and organizations will look different – we’re heading towards a liquid and purpose-driven workforce.

I would like to contribute somewhere where I can be myself, have impact and meet eye-to-eye with others to work for a meaningful purpose and continue to learn.

These are the challenges I would like to work on:

Inspiring positive and lasting cultural change towards enablement and a purpose-driven and humen-centered business model

Making work more efficient and fulfilling and creating a better place to work while doing so

Making organizations and individuals future-fit:

  • Capability building, self-managed teams and smart organizational design
  • Human and artificial intelligence working hand in hand: How can it work?
  • Facilitate the necessary “inner work” required for agile ways of working

Process/team designs that follow the organizations purpose: uncovering and resolving dissonances between what organizations say we do and what they really do

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