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This is a space for keeping in touch with friends and colleagues who would like to be in the loop on how my new life is evolving. When I announced back in November 2019 that I was quitting my corporate job to go on an adventure, I was overwhelmed by the many encouraging replies, the curious questions and the kudos I received. This also made it seem like I was off to a journey that many more people would like to embark on but feel that they can’t.

I hope that by sharing some of my story, my thoughts and experiences here that I can inspire you to ask questions, to make one confident step at a time and to wonder what comes next. We all have to find our own paths but there are many of us, so let’s do this together.

Here I am, in my new office in the new house
Here I am, in my new office in the new house

I took some time off between November and February and then in March 2020, I started working as a self-employed facilitator, coach and change catalyst. I now earn my living with doing some of the things I like best: inspiring others, enabling mindset shifts and introducing new ways of working. I can’t begin to tell you how liberating this feels. Of course there are intense days, of course it’s not easy but I didn’t want “easy” – I wanted “fulfilled” and “whole” and this is certainly what I got. 🙂

You can find an archive here that will help you to trace back the story.

A short remark about language: I write in English or German because some stories simply want to be written in a particular language. Usually experiences I have had in English tend to be written in English and stories I want to make available to a broader audience, too. All else is German which is my mother tongue.

Lessons Learned from a Building Project Gone Wrong

Our workshop barn project has gone belly-up. Unfortunately, I trusted the wrong company and they went bankrupt before completing the project. Now, we are left with a project that is only 30% complete (it does not even have a roof!) and the prospect of it all being much more expensive than we initially thought. In…

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