Who would have thought?!

There has been a lot going on lately both happy and sad happenings, but I did not want to miss to share with you one of my absolute highlights recently: We had snow, real snow and heaps of it! Remember how I wrote last time that about the only thing that I do miss dearly this winter is snow and that we would prbably have to travel to Sweden or Finland next winter for some cross-country skiing? Well, about 10 days after I had written that – we had a real snowstorm, no kidding.

A hefty snowstorm raged for two days across most of northern Germany in February.

The village was cut off for a day or so and before long all the fields and country lanes were coverd with a wonderful, pristine white blanked that allowed me to put on those skis and cruise around the village. What bliss! It’s difficult to describe how overwhelmed with joy I felt. I had that disbelieving grin on my face for days. In between meetings, during lunchbreak or at the end of the working day I would get out, put my skis on and frolick about in the snow. And then of course, sauna in the evening and a rub-down with powdery snow to cool down again. It felt a bit like a winter holiday.

Cross-country skiing is not really a thing here, so I was probably the talk of the village for that week. Also the neighbours benefitted from my odd hobby in that I gave beginners lessons in the garden and invited them to borrow our equipment to try it out. Other people came up with creative ideas involving motocross bikes, ropes and tyre tubes.

Phoebe did not enjoy the cold carpet underneath her paws quite as much, though. She tried to avoid walking through deeper snow as much as possible. But see for yourself in our winter wonderland hightlight reel here below.

Our little winter wonder here up north 🙂

Now the snow is gone. Last week it looked like spring had sprung but it has become colder again now – a polar current of air, they say.

I am trying to not work too much – so many potential engagements and so little time, it seems. So I am making choices in favour of what gives me most energy and learning opportunities. For the first time, I have a client here in the region which I am very excited about. They have called me in to help them work better together again. Making a difference regionally is one of my objectives for the year and it looks like it’s about to happen. I have offered them to host a series of walking meetings and an outdoor workshop by the shore. Maybe we can use pebbles and wood for playing around with constellations to make a complex issue more tangible and discussable. That’s going to be an interesting experiment.

Speaking of experiments and regional engagements, of course I need to mention that my sourdough is getting some attention at the moment. My “gardener” Markus who also sells flour and eggs at a local market, has asked me if I would like to try and see how my sourdough that I have been baking with now for a couple of months works as a product. That re-kindled the marketer in me. I got to work in multiplying the sourdough, coming up with a product design and two tailormade recipes to go with it. I am quite proud of the result. Imagine, on the first day all 18 pots were sold out completely. It’s funny to think that my sourdough might be helping produce delicious bread now all across the region right now.

Sourdough Pok, ready to meet his customers.

Sending you warm greetings and hope you’re all keeping well.

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